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Man and society questions:

1. What do you understand by social behaviour?

2. How should the young behave towards the old?

3. What do you know about the table manners?

4. Give few examples of good social manners

5. Name three examples of table etiquette

6. Do you know anything about social problems in our society?

7. What rules are there in your school? Do you agree and disagree with them?

8. Where and when is our behaviour formed?



Multicultural society questions:

1. What do you understand under the therm - multicultural society?

2 Can you give any examples of countries with multicultural society?

3. Is Slovakia also a multicultural society?

4. What are pros and cons of living in multicultural society?

5. What are the minorities living in Slovakia?

6. What are the common problems of immigrants?

7. Describe some customs and traditions you help in your family at Christmas

8. What would your parents think if you wanted to marry a person of a completely different culture or religious belief?

9. What possible problems can appear in family of different reces or religions beliefs?

10. Would you like to attend a multiculture school?