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1. What kinds of job/proffesions, do you think/ are the most interesting/the least
    interesting/the most dangerous job/the most paid/the least paid?

2. What does a good job mean to you?

3. What kind of job would you never like to do?

4. What is employment?

5. How can people become unemployed?

6. What things do people consider at when they search for a new job?

7. What information should be included  in a professional CV?

8. What happens at the job interview?

9. what does it mean to work full-time, part-time and shifts?

10. Sum up the steps of finding a new job?

11. What kind of qualifications will you need for the job?

12.  What kind of job would you like to have in future?

13. What personal qualities are necessary to do this job?

14. What problems do young pople face when they start working?