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1. What is communication?

2. How does modern technology influence human communication?

3. How will people communicate in the future?

4. Why do people learn foreign languages?

5. What are the advantages of using SKYPE and ICQ?

6. What are difference between direct and indirect ways of communication?

7. What does non-verbal communication mean?

8. Describe some gestures which are typical for your mother tongue?

9. Which jobs and proffesions require good communication skills and knowledge of foreign laguages?

10. Tall about the modern forms of communication, such as mobile phones, e-mails, the Internet, ICQ or SKYPE:

- what they are

- when people use them

- what people use them for their advantages and disandvantages

11. Explain pros and cons of e-mail communication.

12. Have you ever made friends through the Internet?